2017 NEW MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Mary Beth Lawrence

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

As owner, instructor, and educational director at Marlborough Pilates Studio Plus, Mary Beth Lawrence enjoys helping people live healthier and happier lives through the Pilates method of exercise. Mary Beth started as a fitness instructor at the age of 19 in the gym setting. After “finding” the Pilates method in 2003, Mary Beth realized that the Pilates method is very much suited to lifetime health and fitness and therefore began is specialize in this technique. Pilates is easily adapted to fit the needs of anyone at any level of fitness or lack of fitness.

  Marlborough Pilates Studio Plus teaches the traditional method of Pilates body conditioning with the influence of contemporary principals of exercises science. At our studio , you’ll find yourself working out where challenge meets safety. Our instruction is a fusion of cutting edge exercise science and the beauty, traditional and precision of the Pilates method infused with the peacefulness of mind body techniques. Our method builds it’s foundation on the inspiration of Joseph H. Pilates’ original principles and exercises and evolves with the most up to date principles of exercise science and core stabilization.  Our work will continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s population as well as to incorporate better teaching techniques.  We will continually strive to design exercise programs that counter balance life’s daily stresses such as sitting at desks, driving in cars, and repeated bending, twisting and lifting.  The principles that defined Joe Pilates method are deep breathing, precision of movement, focus of the mind, control of the body, and balance in all forms.  At Marlborough Pilates Studio Plus, we allow those same principals to guide us as we design programs that inspire our participants to achieve “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. 

 Inspiring the body and mind to flow as one, the sessions require full concentration and focus.  We begin by emphasizing the fundamental movements and progress over time, always focusing on the quality of movement over number of repetitions or range of motion.  As participants “get better” at performing the exercises, they find that they are able to work deeper and more effectively and therefore achieve progressively greater results over time.  To get the most out of your Pilates sessions, participants are encourages to work on both the mat and the equipment. The two compliment each other so beautifully while challenging as well as supporting the body perfectly to give you the perfect “more than just a workout”.

Mary Beth Lawrence, BS, PMA-CPT

Marlborough Pilates Studio Plus
Address : 31 C North Main Street
Marlborough, CT, 06447
Cell Phone : 860.305.7441
Email : marybethlawrence@sbcglobal.net
Website : http://marlboroughpilates.com/index.html


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