MBA July Member of the Month

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Jenny Bergeron – Edward Jones Investments

As a financial advisor I essentially help people make their dreams a reality. This could be retiring comfortably, purchasing a beach home, paying for your grandchildren’s education and leaving money to future generations or simply retiring with no debt in the home you raised your kids and taking one modest vacation a year. Each person’s financial resources and desires are different, and therefore so is our work together. The key is taking an honest look at your financial situation including income, expenses and debt and taking steps toward your future. When it comes to financial planning, time is truly of the essence and participation at any level matters.

I would consider my blueprint for success to be helping people understand that wherever they are financially, that is okay. I find that regardless of income level or how large someone’s investment portfolio, most people feel they haven’t done enough and are anxious about “living poorly.” ┬áMy greatest joy is seeing a sense of relief on my clients’ faces when they see we can build a plan that suits them and there is a light at the end of the tunnel – not that one – retirement or getting the kids through college!

I became a member of the MBA in 2013 as my husband and I had been a part of the community since 2007 and wanted to get more involved. Once I located rental space in the center of town, it was important to work with and help the other business owners and leaders to prosper. The MBA is a small group and we are loyal and truly work to help each other and the community at large.

In the future, I hope I am one of many businesses in a thriving Marlborough center! My goal is to continue helping people focus on living their lives while I work the plan to help them live the future they see.

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We have been trying to get a plumber to our home for the last month or so. We called a local plumber that we had used once before. After several weeks of calling him back ( at his request), he scheduled an appt. The morning of, he sent me a text saying he couldn't make it that morning as he had to drive someone home from a wedding and he was stuck out of town. He said that he wouldn't be back in town til that afternoon. He never bothered to call us back to reschedule... and we never heard from him again! We moved on to a local plumber that we had also used once before. This plumber never even bothered to return our numerous phone calls. So yesterday, feeling very frustrated, I looked thru the MBA Directory and I called Roach Plumbing. I left a message and my call was returned within minutes; someone was at my house within the hour and the problem is now resolved. I will be calling them again should the need arise.

Pamela Frank-Hall, Independent Wine Consultant Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

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