November Member of the Month:

Brendon Montstream – Streamline Electric, LLC










October Member of the Month:

Chris Costa – Liberty Bank











July Member of the Month:

Jenny Bergeron – Edward Jones Investments

As a financial advisor I essentially help people make their dreams a reality. This could be retiring comfortably, purchasing a beach home, paying for your grandchildren’s education and leaving money to future generations or simply retiring with no debt in the home you raised your kids and taking one modest vacation a year. Each person’s financial resources and desires are different, and therefore so is our work together. The key is taking an honest look at your financial situation including income, expenses and debt and taking steps toward your future. When it comes to financial planning, time is truly of the essence and participation at any level matters.

I would consider my blueprint for success to be helping people understand that wherever they are financially, that is okay. I find that regardless of income level or how large someone’s investment portfolio, most people feel they haven’t done enough and are anxious about “living poorly.”  My greatest joy is seeing a sense of relief on my clients’ faces when they see we can build a plan that suits them and there is a light at the end of the tunnel – not that one – retirement or getting the kids through college!

I became a member of the MBA in 2013 as my husband and I had been a part of the community since 2007 and wanted to get more involved. Once I located rental space in the center of town, it was important to work with and help the other business owners and leaders to prosper. The MBA is a small group and we are loyal and truly work to help each other and the community at large.

In the future, I hope I am one of many businesses in a thriving Marlborough center! My goal is to continue helping people focus on living their lives while I work the plan to help them live the future they see.

May Member of the Month:

John Gregory – Techliner Computer Services

Techliner Computer Services provides quality IT service, strategy and direction to small and medium sized businesses.  Techliner helps optimize your business IT infrastructure, so that you’re using and benefitting from the best available technologies. After doing the thorough planning and preparation necessary to safeguard your IT infrastructure and data,  We continue to ensure all of it is operating in an efficient manner.  We have experienced technicians who provide a wide range of services, from tuning up your Windows or Apple Computers, to setting up an entire network of server, workstations and printers.

In addition to making sure that we solve the issues that are brought to us, we offer business owners reasonably priced support agreements.  This includes an initial assessment of the client’s business systems, after which we make recommendations.  Then, we do regular checkups to ensure the proper safeguards are in place and that a client’s computers and networks are in good working order.

We became a member of the Marlborough Business Association because as a long time resident of Marlborough, I want to keep aware of all that is going on with this great town and its local businesses.  I know and have worked with many MBA members. I appreciate that they can be invaluable resources for me, and I hope to give back as much as I benefit.

We plan to continue to provide the best IT support, and to expand our client base, without changing the friendly and helpful approach that our customers have become used to.

We are located at the Marlborough Barn, in the white building.  We can be reached at 860-295-8484 or

April  Member of the Month:

Alison Carl – AMC CPA

My name is Alison Carl, I’m a CT board certified CPA who lives in East Hampton with my husband, Rich, and two children, Nicole (11) and RJ (8). I received my bachelors degree in accounting from Central CT State University and my masters in accounting from UCONN.

AMC CPA is a small accounting office specializing in personal and business taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll.

A fundamental component of my business blueprint is helping clients to better understand their taxes and their individual situations as they relate to taxes. My most important goal is making you a happy, life-long customer.

Shortly after I opened, Jenny Bergeron of Edward Jones, reached out to me about the association. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with other small business owners in the area and it has been!

I plan to continue servicing my current clients, while continuing to grow my client base, through referrals and networking. I will stay current with continuous certifications and seminars to ensure that I’m up to date on all of the newest information, laws, regulations, and techniques in the field.


7 Independence Drive

Marlborough CT 06447

(860)467-3102 office

March Member of the Month:

Craig Robinson, It’s So Ranunculus

We are a floral shoppe that gathers inspiration from mother nature, specializing in wedding décor. We have a very open and creative design style.

Staying true to our style and uniqueness has works for us! Every day we are able to come and open our doors we consider our business successful.

We receive many thank you cards, calls and pictures from our clients, and sincerely appreciate all their support. It is because of them we were voted #1 Best Wedding Florist in Connecticut and runner up Best Florist in Connecticut in the Hartford Advocate.

We love being part of this community. We became a member of the Marlborough Business Association to generate a positive vibe amongst the neighborhood and businesses.  We want people to believe in the power of flowers. They improve one’s mood, they are pieces of sunshine.

We plan to grow our gifts department by adding chocolates, and more custom home decor silks as we continue to do our beautiful designs for weddings.

Please call or visit our shop!

59 North Main Street
Marlborough, Connecticut
Tel: (860) 295-1562

February Member of the Month:

Paula Weber – Neighbor to Neighbor

I visit new residents in their homes shortly after they moved in, providing word of mouth referrals, personal introduction of local business and professionals, and providing them with vital information to make them feel like part of the community.

My packet includes interesting and useful community and civic information, gift certifications from local merchants, and a warm welcome to the neighborhood.

Sponsored greetings from local businesses are exclusively showcased with flyers, coupons, and business information. Because of my relationship with the sponsors, I am able to speak confidently about their business, providing more detailed information when questioned further by newcomers.
I try to visit as many people as I can. I stay busy visiting not just the new residents, but by keeping a pulse on the business community. I became a member of the Marlborough Business Association because it was the best way to let the area business know about how Neighbor to Neighbor can be used to personally introduce their business to newcomers.

I try to remind local business owners, “Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is treated nicely.”

If you are looking for a fresh new approach to advertising your business in the local community, consider the unique and personal service provided by Neighbor to Neighbor.  To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Paula Weber at 860-295-0111.

January Member of the Month:

Ken Hjulstrom, Realtor

I have been a Real Estate Agent since 2004 serving communities throughout the Greater Hartford area.  My focus is on sales of residential and investment property, which includes single family homes, condominiums, vacant land and multi-family properties.

Over the years I have developed a large network of support personnel including attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage professionals and contractors, which allows me to provide a full range of support for both my buyers and sellers. My goal is to walk my clients through the process from contract to closing in a manner which removes stress from their transaction. It is my job to make their experience enjoyable and rewarding.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, but always get an extra level of joy when working with first time homeowners. Recently I was able to help a first time buyer purchase a home right here in Marlborough as well as a family purchasing a two family home in Hartford. In both cases I experienced a high level of satisfaction seeing these wonderful people closing on the homes of their dreams.

Having been a resident of Marlborough for over thirty years, I have always tried to be involved in my community through service on the Marlborough PTO, Marlborough Boards of Education and Finance, as a member of the Marlborough Lions Club and as President of the Florence Lord Senior Housing complex. As a business person it was only natural for me to join the Marlborough Business Association so I can be part of the on-going success of Marlborough’s business community.

I will continue to strive to provide the best service possible for my clients and to go that extra mile when representing my buyers and sellers.

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